Applying to vacancy by directly emailing principal?

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Applying to vacancy by directly emailing principal?

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I’ve used a Search Associates job fair for the past two teaching jobs I’ve had so I’m hoping for some advice from this group about whether it’s appropriate to blindly email my resume to a school principal for an opening I already applied to but never heard back from. Some background info: I teach a niche teaching position at a great school in Europe and recently I saw two vacancies for my role come up at another great school I’ve always wanted to teach at. I applied via the school’s online application process as well as through Schrole for the first one and then didn’t hear anything. I then applied for the second opening through Schrole and directly emailed the principal who I’d been in touch with previously (but don’t know them personally) a short email with my CV. I never heard anything, not even that they’d received my application which I’ve noticed on the forum might be a common part of the process these days. The second position was removed from the website on the closing date but the first position has re-appeared and its closing date has been extended to May. I’m wondering if I should go ahead and just email the principal directly to again put myself forward or if I should just assume they’re “really not that into me.” I’m wondering if one of the issues might be that my references on Schrole are from 3 years ago which looks shady (understandably so). I haven’t told my current school that I’m applying to other schools….which makes me very uneasy because I like to do things the correct way but I also wanted to know if I even had a chance at this other school first. Thanks in advance for any insight/advice you might have.
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Re: Applying to vacancy by directly emailing principal?

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It's perfectly appropriate to email the principal directly, no problem there. But it seems you've applied pretty thoroughly to this school, and they aren't particularly interested, for reasons unknown. It could have a lot more to do with them than you - perhaps they have a strong internal applicant or a spouse, and posting the opening was just pro forma.
It's time to move on.
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