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An Open Letter to the Forum Readership:

I rarely post topics in the forum and I am writing to all of you today to offer my apology and ask your forgiveness.

Recently a number of posts were removed due to a breakdown of collegiate professionalism. I bare a measure of responsibility for my failure to compose my participation too the community standards we expect of both scholars and practitioners of our profession; that as a contributor and member I agreed to abide by. As a result of my contributions these discussions spiraled out of control into topics and posts that were both off topic, unproductive and inappropriate. There is no excuse and I won't offer you one.

What I offer is my apology.
As a member of the community we at times passionately and vigorously defend and advance our ideas. Forums are the place those battles are fought, but always with the respect that all are honored colleagues. I failed in this instance, and I am sorry.

Further, I want to apologize to the forum moderators and administrators for having to step in too address my unacceptable behavior, this should not be something you have to do, once is too often.

I would also like to apologize to Thames Pirate, a number of my comments were unsupported, unfair, and uncharacteristic in reflecting your character. I am sorry and hope you can forgive me.

Thank you for sparing your time,

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