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Joy Jobs

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Has anyone in this forum has used Joy Jobs for their international teaching job search. I am currently a member of one of the search organizations and I was wondering if I should sign up for Joy Jobs as well. Is it worth it?

Thanks for your recommendations!

Joy Jobs

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I don't know a lot about Joy Jobs. But what I do know of them makes me think that joining Joy Jobs is not going to help you find a job. I have heard more than one director claim that Joy Jobs is taking the job postings off of other sites and posting them on their site. I don't think there is anytning they can really do for you except give you moral support.
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They have a lot of information about schools and job posts you can search through, but it's mostly about attending the job fairs and you still have to get the jobs on your own.
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Joyjobs is probably the best $40 I ever spent. The opening for sure can be obtained elsewhere, but the value for me is the resume/web page help. The resume templates are very user-friendly, and Igor (owner) will put together a coolm eye-catching website for you with links to your resume in both Acrobat and Word form. He also will make changes any time you want without complaint or requests for more money.

He helped me get a great job two years ago, and as I am moving on next year I am using him again
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They are a rip-off; they simply mirror other sites and charge gullible stars-in-their-eyes "I wanna teach overseas" newbies. Curiously there have been many criticisms of them on ISR over the years and all disappeared so I wonder if they threatened ISR ... Check out ISR over a period of time. There is a lot of good advice here amongst the griping.
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I am wondering if the above poster even read my post. As I said, their job openings can be ascertained anywhere. It is their resume service and web site help that was well worth the $40.00. Igor is more than willing to make changes to anything when he is asked, and my offer to pay him more money is always graciously declined. What the heck do you expect for $40.00 anyway?

As a "newbie" two years ago, his information and service were very beneficial to me, and now as a "veteran" joyjobs is still a good investment.
What's wrong with being a "newbie" anyway? Didn't we all have to start somewhere once upon a time? Lighten up, Dude.
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Last poster seems to defend JoyJobs too quickly - perhaps s/he is they ... I too think they are a scam aimed at innocents. You can find everything they offer elsewhere for free - especially here at ISR!
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Ok--Try to follow me this time!

No, I am not the owner of joyjobs, just a satisfied client.

Joyjobs has the same job postings that you can ascertain almost anywhere--Tieonline, etc. No argument here at all. What they have done for me is to help trendously with my resume and web site. They're templates are great. Can these be had elsewhere as well--probably, but who cares? Igor also had some great ideas on job search strategies.

What the heck does "innocent" have to do with anything?! It cost $40, and anyone who has ever been to an international job fair (mine was at UNI) knows that this is a drop in the bucket.

How long should I have waited to defend an outfit that has earned their lousy $40, for ME anyway, many times over? One day, one week?

Please try to remember that many of the subscribers to this web site are "innocents", "newbys", or whatever you want to call them. This site and joyjobs both were very helpful to me several years ago, and I had no trouble reenlisting for either one this time around.

Y'all have a beer or two and take a chill pill. You sound like the knowitalls that make life miserable for many of us overseas.


Cheers, Mate!
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I got a job with Joyjobs

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I am signed up with Search Associates, but just got a job that was advertised on JoyJobs (and not with Search). I was also offered 2 jobs last year though JoyJobs. I agree that it was the best $40 I ever spent! I would recommend it to anyone looking for an international job.
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This looks a lot like joyjobs signing in under different names to promote their own clearly lucrative business. Perhaps ISR could look into this ...
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Joy Jobs, ISS, Search, TIE or UNI-Whatever works for you and gets you a job! AFter that who cares!
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Post by Rover » the risk of being accused of being from joyjobs here is my experience! :lol:

This January when looking for jobs I signed up to both TIE Online and joyjobs. The reason I did this wasn't for the job adverts (well...actually signing up to TIE was) but mainly because I wanted a guide to the whole process. For some reason it seems pretty difficult to get good info on international schools worldwide and I had to rely on TESjobs mainly and places like Dave's ESL cafe as well as the (not very comprehensive) listing of international schools at Wikipedia.

So...there is nothing on joyjobs you can't find elsewhere but it helps to have a list of schools in one place with contact info/job info etc. Mind you quite a few were out of date with broken links etc which was a bit annoying. TIE Online was also good but more American-oriented and I was looking for info on British Schools.

So...the main thing was that I sorted a job for myself in February (school year starts in August at that school so it was six months in advance) without needing to go to a recruitment fair but by contacting schools direct. Search and CIS wanted a fortune and I didn't actually have two years of accredited school experience (I have more in FE colleges/universities in Asia) so they might not have taken me anyway.

If the schools I was offered a position at had a review on here I would have joined here as well. Actually, "Access Academy" in Ningbo, China, the pretend International School, was one of the schools and that has a review on here but it seems to have bad reviews all over the net! For some of the schools I mentioned I had seen their school/advert on joyjobs and they replied along the lines of "what the hell is that?" so I'm guessing they do pilfer adverts from other places! :twisted:

So would I recommend TIE or joyjobs? Not really...they worked for me as I was having trouble finding the info in one place. I don't think it was a rip-off though as it meant I had easy access to schools info and contact details so making it easy for me to send shed-loads of CVs out. I didn't find it so easy to get that kind of info on International Schools when I was are abroad and could only check online. In fact I found this site after I had subscribed to both those websites.

I'd have been able to get a job without them but they both saved time and hassle.

Am I from joyjobs or TIE Online...well, no. I don't know if I would use them again as this was my first time at finding a job with an International School and I don't know if I will need it again or be able to easily find the info next time without needing them. Mind you this is my first post on here so I'd be suspicious too! :wink:
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Joyjobs is a little "scammy" in its appearance, and much of the info can certainly be found elsewhere; however, Igor's willingness to help out in any way possible is astounding. I have sent countless emails and have always received prompt replies.
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$40 might be a bit expensive for what's on offer but frankly it's not the end of the world and it's nice to have many jobs collated on one site. TIE also charges for a similar service... As for posting your resume online, well that's pretty well a waste of time anyway... Looks like Healy has a bone to pick if you ask me Maybe he works for a competitor?
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I have personally used joyjobs and even though they mirror jobs posted on other sites. They also have other jobs posted by private enterprise or members of the global community that would not be other wise posted on such sites as TIE online etc. I think it is good to spend a few dollars being a member of various sites. If you want to take the time and search each school, give Shambles of Asia a shot. The information on his site is awesome.
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