Would we qualify as a teaching couple?

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Would we qualify as a teaching couple?

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my post. A little background info....
I am currently teaching SEN at an IB International school with my husband who is a "trailing spouse". I had 5 years of teaching prior to this position (my first international school) and hold a Masters in Education along with a special education credential. We would very much like to continue this lifestyle but the goal would be for my husband to obtain his credential and teach as well. He currently is teaching English at a local language school and substitute teaches at our school occasionally. He holds a degree in Environmental Science with a bio emphasis and is interested in pursuing a credential in Science. We have been looking into the Teacher Ready program through the University of Western Florida. My question is this:
What would the chances be of us getting hired as a teaching couple in the future with my teaching experience and him having the certification and student teaching experience at an IB school but not having had a full time position?
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There's a chance. Focus on mid-level schools, schools that would be happy to have someone of your caliber, and also willing to take on a newbie as part of the bargain. Top level schools are not as likely to be willing to do this, but some medium ones could see it as a bargain.
In my experience, if one spouse is a good teacher, the other one is also probably good. Your husband has an advantage that most new teachers don't - a built in support network to mentor and raise his game 24-7. Sell that as you apply for jobs. He's a bit of a risk to schools at the moment, being so inexperienced, but with a potential strong payout as he gets better over the next couple years.
Small schools might be the way to go. More flexible...
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Sid has it right. We are doing the same thing at the moment. Mrs. Shadowjack is in The College of New Jersey teacher training program and will receive her certification next summer, and masters the summer after that. The nice thing about TCNJ is that the masters requires one more summer only, as it incorporates a lot of the other courses.

Don't be afraid to take a chance! Even if you have to do a couple of years at a smaller/lower tier school, in the end it opens so many doors!
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