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American International School West 5/23 evaluation 11
Teaching here is taxing & draining. Many students harbor an attitude of privilege. Admin leans towards pleasing clients..
Dipont Education China 5/23 evaluation 21
I was terminated by a “consultant” so the individual had no legal standing. Hence the termination was illegal...
Samantha Newbon 5/23
Garden International School Kuantan Malaysia
Shanghai Jincai International School China 5/20 First time reviewed on ISR
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Is the school Director competent? What's it really like to work for him/her on a daily basis?
Is there an atmosphere of fear created by top-down administration or is there a good feeling of collegiality?
Are rich, entitled kids & their parents calling the shots to the detriment of the teachers? Who's really in charge?
Is there strong academic integrity or are grades inflated to appease powerful parents?
Does the school Pay on time? Is your contract honored? Is your passport held by the school so you can't leave?
Are teacher evaluations transparent? Have teachers been fired on a whim? Is the work environment bully free?
Is there real help with visas, housing, shipping & settling in? Or, are you on your own?
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Featured Article: May 20
Will Taking That Photo Land You in Prison?

Thinking you'll receive special treatment if you mistakenly break the law in a foreign country is dangerous reasoning! Ignorance of the law is not an argument in any part of the world and a once- welcoming destination can, quite by surprise, turn into a nightmare should you unknowingly step out of bounds. In the words of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..Go to Article / Blog
The 200 Most Reviewed Schools on ISR

Schools with 10+ Full Length Reviews
Academia Cotopaxi Ecuador American Cooperative School of Tunisia
American Int'l School Budapest Hungary
American Int'l School Dhaka Bangladesh
American Int'l School Guangzhou
American Int'l School Jamaica
American Int'l School Lagos Nigeria
American International School Vietnam
American Nicaraguan School Nicaragua
American School Guatemala
American School Bangkok Thailand
American School Bombay India
American School Durango Mexico
American School Kinshasa D.R. Congo
American School Marrakesh Morocco
American School Torreon Mexico
American School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
American School Vietnam
American School Yaounde Cameroon
Antwerp International School Belgium
Atlantic International Schools Russia
Australian Int'l School Sharjah UAE
Awsaj Academy Qatar
Bali International School Indonesia
Bandung International School Indonesia
Beijing Int'l Bilingual Academy China
Beijing World Youth Academy China
British International School Kyiv Ukraine
British International School Phuket Thailand
British International School Ukraine
British School Guangzhou China
British School Lome Togo
Busan Foreign School Korea
Cairo American College Egypt
Cairo English School Egypt
Cambridge English School Hawalli Kuwait
Canadian Int'l School Bangalore India
Canadian International School Egypt
Canadian Int'l School Hong Kong
Canadian Int'l School Kunshan China
Carol Morgan School Dominican Republic
Chatsworth International School Singapore
Clifford School Panyu China
Colegio de Ingleterra Colombia
Colegio Inter-Americano Guatemala
Colegio Maya Guatemala
Colegio Roosevelt Lima Peru
Danube International School Austria
Deira International School UAE
Dipont Education China
Dubai American Academy UAE
Dubai American Scientific School UAE
Dwight School Seoul Korea
El Gouna International School Egypt
Emirates Int'l School Jumeirah UAE
English Modern School Doha Qatar
Enka Okullari Istanbul Turkey
Escuela Bella Vista Maracaibo Venezuela
Fawzia Sultan International School Kuwait
Future Bilingual School Kuwait
GEMS American Academy Dubai UAE
Greengates School Mexico
Guangzhou Nanhu Int'l School China
Gunma Kokusai Academy Japan
Gyeongnam Int'l Foreign School Korea
Harare International School Zimbabwe

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Schools with 10+ Full Length Reviews
Hay Al Sharooq International School Oman
Hayah International Academy Egypt
Hong Kong Academy Hong Kong
Hong Kong International School
Int'l British School Alexandria Egypt
International Community Sch. Addis Ababa
International School Aamby India
International School Azerbaijan
International School Beijing-Shunyi China
International School Brunei Darussalam
International School Curitiba Brazil
International School Dakar Senegal
International School Dhaka Bangladesh
Int'l School Eastern Seaboard Thailand
International School Helsinki Finland
Int'l School Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
International School Islamabad Pakistan
International School London Qatar
International School Lusaka Zambia
International School Macao China
International School Penang Malaysia
International School Prague Czech Republic
International School Stuttgart Germany
International School Zug Switzerland
Istanbul Int'l Community School Turkey
Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan
Jakarta International School Indonesia
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Prep & Grammar Sch. Saudi Arabia
K International School Japan
Kaust Sch./King Abdullah Uni. Saudi Arabia
Khartoum Int'l Community Sch.Sudan
Koc School Istanbul Turkey
Korea Int'l School Jeju Campus Korea
Korea International School Pangyo Campus
Kuwait National English School Kuwait
Lincoln School Costa Rica
MEF International School Istanbul Turkey
Miras Int'l School Almaty Kazakhstan
Modern English School Egypt
Modern Knowledge School Bahrain
Mont' Kiara International School Malaysia
Muscat International School Oman
Nanjing International School China
New Cairo British Int'l School Egypt
Newton International School Qatar
Noblesse Int'l School Philippines
Northbridge Int'l School Cambodia
Pacific American School Taiwan
Prem Center Int'l School Thailand
Qatar Academy Doha Qatar
Qatar Canadian School Qatar
Qatar Leadership Academy Qatar
Regent's School Bangkok Thailand
Regent's School Pattaya Thailand
Renaissance Int'l School Vietnam
Repton School Dubai UAE
Seisen International School Japan
Sekolah Ciputra Indonesia
SEV Izmir Turkey
Shanghai Rego Int'l School China
Shanghai Singapore Int'l School China
Singapore American School Singapore
Singapore International School Vietnam
Singapore Int'l School Hong Kong
Sri KDU Int'l School Malaysia
St. Andrew's Nassau Bahamas
St. Dominic's Int'l School Portugal
Stamford American Int'l Singapore
Surabaya Intercultural School Indonesia
Tashkent Ulubek Int'l Sch. Uzbekistan
Universal American School UAE
Utahloy Int'l School Zeng Cheng China
Vientiane International School Laos
Westhill Institute Mexico

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Schools with 20+ Full Length Reviews
Al Bayan Bilingual School Kuwait
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar
Al Mizhar American Academy UAE
American Baccalaureate School Kuwait
American Int'l School Abu Dhabi UAE
American Int'l School Bucharest Romania
American Int'l School Chennai India
American School Foundation Mexico
Anglo-American School Moscow Russia
Bilkent Laboratory & Int'l School Turkey
British International School Cairo Egypt
British International School Turkey
Canadian International School Singapore
Emirates National School Abu Dhabi UAE
Emirates National School Al Ain UAE
English Academy Kuwait
Escuela Int'l de Sampedrana Honduras
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi UAE
Hangzhou International School China
Indianhead International School Korea
International School Myanmar
Int'l School Phnom Penh Cambodia
International School Turin Italy
Int'l School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Nazarbayev Intellectual Sch Kazakhstan
Shanghai American School China
St. George's College Quilmes Argentina
TEDA International School China
Utahloy Int'l School Guangzhou China
Western Academy Beijing China

Schools with 30+ Full Length Reviews
Access Int'l Academy Ningbo China
Akis International School Qatar
Al Maha Academy Qatar (Boys/Girls)
American Creativity Academy Kuwait
American Int'l School Jeddah Saudi
American Int'l School Riyadh Saudi
Bromsgrove Int'l School Thailand
Gulf English School Kuwait
Int'l Academy Amman Jordan
Luanda Int'l School Angola
Narmer American College Egypt
Seoul International School Korea
Shanghai Community Int'l School China
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia
Thai-Chinese Int'l School Thailand

Schools with 40+ Full Length Reviews
A'Takamul Int'l School Kuwait
American Int'l School Egypt
American School Kuwait
Casablanca American School Morocco
Dasman Bilingual School Kuwait
Ruamrudee Int'l Bangkok Thailand
Universal American School Kuwait

Schools with 50+ Full Length Reviews
Al Khor Int'l School Qatar
Suzhou Singapore Int'l School China

Schools with 60+ Full Length Reviews
American International School Kuwait