teaching couple - same subject

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teaching couple - same subject

Post by JB »

My husband and I are very interested in teaching internationally. However, we both teach the same subject, health and physical education. We are both certified pre k-12th. Before I spend an exuberant amount of money applying the Search and other recruiting agencies, what do you think our possibilities are of both landing a job at the same school? For example, one of us in elementary and the other high school. Is there typically job openings in our field?
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Post by overseasvet2 »

I have met two couples in your same situation, both at top Asian schools. You may have to be more flexible about where you go but it can absolutely happen. Schools really count on these positions for coaches so be prepared to discuss what you can offer.
Cheery Littlebottom
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I would tend to be optimistic too!
PE is a very varied department. There are niches for all sorts of specialists, especially if you offer coaching of different sports.
How experienced are you? Flexibility and offering a range of skills would be ideal.
I say, take the plunge and spend exuberantly! Take advice from your associate, network, ask LOTS of questions, get opinions on your CVs and how best to put yourselves forward and go all in.
If this is what you really want to do then there's not much room for prevarication. Dive in, and good luck!
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I would say very little. I seldom see (always exceptions) vacancies for two PE positions at the same school. Many small to medium schools only have one PE teacher or they have one boys and one girls teacher (and youd need both positions to be vacant). Larger schools would be an option but turn over is very low at top tier schools, most PE teachers dont have anywhere to go up once they land a 1st tier school. Athletics/coaching isnt nearly as competitive or "big" as it is in division 5A or other schools sports programs in western countries.

If one of you were willing to be a trailing spouse id say you may be competitive (havent told us your resume), it wont be that expensive as there arent going to be a lot of vacancies and not enough to make a fair worthwhile. If you see any dual vacancies you can apply directly.
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Right now I saw at least 4 schools with double PE vacancies on TIEonline. So you should at least give it a try.
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Can happen, but it will be tough. It would dramatically improve your chances if you both can coach multiple sports at a high level.
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Post by shadowjack »

The biggest problem, JB, is that many schools will wait because if they need a HS math teacher and the e guy they decide to hire has a PE spouse, they want to offer it to that guy and his spouse. Or if they needed a HS Chem teacher or an IT specialist, they will wait and see. You will get interviews perhaps (I had friends who taught in the same area who went to Bangkok awhile back and got NO interviews), but realistically, don't expect job offers immediately.

In the end, my friends also went to another Search fair and got jobs, but it was nerve-wracking for them.

My advice - if you can, test the waters and see what happens, if you really want to go international.
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