thai police clearance cert

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thai police clearance cert

Post by brillo »

Does anyone here have info on it?

The links on their website are broken and the numbers are out of service/not being picked up

School have given me an english list but the translation is terrible and the staff dont know anything.

It says I need an embassy request letter but doesn't say what that letter needs to contain, it has different categories (marriage, education, work etc.) but nothing for leaving the country

I don't even know why I need it. My next job hasn't requested it.

Edit: turns out the english list of docs is incorrect. you don't need most of them. just passport, wp and some forms. They can do the rest there. Still don't know why I need it though!

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Re: thai police clearance cert

Post by t_rock »

If your next job hasn't requested it, and you don't know why you need it, why would you put yourself through the stress of getting it? Ask your school for a letter of good conduct on official letterhead in lieu of a Ministry document. I have filled out a few myself in Cambodia for my staff because getting a police letter is near impossible even under normal circumstances, to say nothing of times during COVID.

If you really want answers, go to Thai Visa forums rather than an international education forum.

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Re: thai police clearance cert

Post by buffalofan »

If your new employer hasn't requested it, don't bother. It's a hassle. The cert itself is dated and addressed specifically to the country you specify, so you can't reuse it later either.

I've had to get it multiple times for work visas in other countries. The official way (pre-Covid) involves a big paper chase, a long wait (6+ weeks minimum) and paying a 100 baht fee + extra for shipping if you need it.

The semi-official way involves going through an agent who appears to work within the division that issues the certs. Going this route, the paperwork is reduced, the fee is massively increased (I think around 7000 baht the last time I had to get it), and the cert is Fed-Ex'd to your door within a couple of days. The link for going the agent route used to be on the official website.

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Re: thai police clearance cert

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I've been to the central police station in Pathum Wan twice for police checks in the last month. It takes about an hour. You need your blue book, passport (and copies of both) plus you're current contract and the contract for your next school. Sign everything.150 Baht including postage.

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