PGCEi into QTS-AO route questions

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PGCEi into QTS-AO route questions

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I know that a PGCEi does not automatically lead to QTS. So lately I have been thinking about studying for a PGCEi and then do the QTS-AO (assessment only) route. About this strategy I had the following questions:

1. I know that for QTS-AO there is a lot of paperwork involved. You need to show a lot of proof that you satisfy the teaching standards. So my question is: to what degree does the PGCEi prepare me for the paperwork collection? I know this depends on the specific PGCEi program; those that have a teaching component such as Sunderland's or Warwick's will probably provide more preparation than programs that are purely academic.
2. Suppose I study one of those PGCEi programs with teaching component (Sunderland, Warwick), and I try to make efficient use of their courses and assignments to prepare the paperwork. How much of the QTS-AO stuff do you think I can get done?
3. How explicit/active are these PGCEi programs (with teaching component) in helping students tick off boxes for the QTS teaching standards requirements? That is, is it clear from their courses and assignments which parts of the teaching standards are addressed, or are most of the courses/assignments quite removed from the QTS standards?

I know these questions are quite specific, so I hope to also have some reactions from those who have studied the PGCEi programs and hear what their experiences are.

Last but not least, is there someone here who knows about or has experience with the TES institute's iPGCE program? It is cheaper than Sunderland's and Warwick's; it is only GBP3500+20% vat (so GBP4200 in total). However, it has a teaching component AND is recognized by the Hong Kong education bureau(!). The only other iPGCE program that is recognized in HK is Sunderland's.

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