Looking for advice: PGCE, PGCiE or M.Ed.

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Looking for advice: PGCE, PGCiE or M.Ed.

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Dear all,

I would like to ask you for your advice on how to improve my chances on the international teacher’s job market.
I am an Italian passport holder and have a BA in Science of Education from the University of Vienna and a CertTESOL from Trinity College London. I have been working as a primary school teacher in two international schools in Indonesia for the past 7 years. Currently, I am working as a Year 1 PYP teacher at a well-known IB school in Jakarta.

I would love to teach in different countries within the next few years and am also thinking of eventually returning to Europe. However, since I am not a native English speaker nor a certified teacher I am worried that I won’t be able to find good teaching jobs outside of Indonesia.

So I am now looking for online university courses which will get me the needed qualifications. I am considering to enroll in the PGCE course as an independent distance learner by the University of Sunderland but am wondering if it is worth the extra cost compared to the PGCiE course by the University of Nottingham, Sheffield or Bath. I understand that Sunderland includes teaching observations and a mentor at my school which I find very interesting. However, considering the extra cost, will recruiters value a PGCE from Sunderland more than a PGCiE from Sheffield/Bath?

A different option I have been thinking about is getting a MA of Education from the University of the People. It would be a lot cheaper and I have been planning to get a master’s degree in the near future. I am however worried that a M. Ed. does still not make me a certified teacher.

Do you have any thoughts or recommendations for me?

Thanks a lot! Any comment is highly appreciated.

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Re: Looking for advice: PGCE, PGCiE or M.Ed.

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You need certificaion. neither of the PGCEs will give you QTS in the UK. I would recomment TeachNow out of Washington DC, which will get you US certification. You can then explore whether this transfers over to Italy, where you might want to park your certification afterwards. Otherwise, it is a whole dance in the US to maintain certification.

Good luck!

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