Summer Plans

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fine dude
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Summer Plans

Post by fine dude »

Just wondering how teachers are spending their summer break. Are you staying put or visiting your home country? With travel restrictions in place, what activities keep you engaged? Thank you.

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Re: Summer Plans

Post by sid »

Staying put and enjoying what my host country has to offer.

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Re: Summer Plans

Post by shadowjack »

Staying put. Doing online PD, relaxing, catching up on reading, and planning for next year in whatever permutation is decided upon.

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Re: Summer Plans

Post by TheHuman »

Staying put and wondering if I'll ever get back into China.

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Re: Summer Plans

Post by secondplace »

Staying put and enjoying where we are.

Maybe trips into safe and sensible neighbouring countries.

UK? Nope.

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Re: Summer Plans

Post by Heliotrope »

Travelling my host country, and learning sign language as my newborn nephew is deaf.
Also reading a few books, and restoring a very old and very run-down Triumph motor bike I just purchased dirt cheap to its former glory.
It's going to be a busy Summer.

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Post by PsyGuy »

Not going to do any PD, not going to tinker with lessons or do any planning, not going to learn a language, not going to restore anything. Nothing.
Now that intra-city/prefecture travel is opened again I might head to Kyoto and Gifu see some old friends and haunts from back in the day, maybe on the way to Yakushima island.

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Re: Response

Post by Illiane_Blues »

I'm planning to meet with friends who are also staying put. Also do some recreational reading. Getting the most out of my Netflix subscription. Clean the house from top to bottom. And like @Sid enjoying what my host country has to offer, mostly day trips. Sleep in on weekdays.

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