ISS Schrole question (positions sought)

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ISS Schrole question (positions sought)

Post by kellysensei »

My data and my three references are finally complete on ISS Schrole, and my profile is now active. (Likely too late for this year, I know.) Now I'm wondering about the "positions sought" tab. Do I even need to fill this out, and should I? It makes you choose some pretty specific positions, such as what curriculum you're looking for. I'm pretty flexible about both the curriculum and grade level (though I only have experience with an American curriculum). So I'm wondering if it's best to leave this area blank, or if it's best to list several positions sought (such as American curriculum, primary level, and IB curriculum, primary level).

I don't think this info influences which jobs I'm shown, does it?


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Post by PsyGuy »

It wont effect th positions you see, but it will effect the potential candidates a recruiter is shown if they do an applicant search. If you don't select positions, the database wont otherwise tag your profile as eligible for those positions, and thy wont come up in a recruiters search results.

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Re: ISS Schrole question (positions sought)

Post by Heliotrope »

Yes, what @PsyGuy says.

I will probably only increase your chances is you select all curriculums you have taught. There are many schools that offer both (for example) American curriculum and the IB curriculum, so for those schools it would make you a more attractive candidate if they can see that you have experience with both.

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