Questions about ABCTE

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Questions about ABCTE

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Hello all,

I am an international graduate student in math and want to teach in US after completing the degree. ABCTE seems a reasonable option to me (I know ABCTE does not have a good reputation on this forum). Anyway I would like to clarify several things about this program.

1) First and foremost, does ABCTE require applicant to be US citizen?

2) As far as I understand the program itself does not include teaching placement. Students typically finish the online study, pass their exams, find a teaching position under temporary certificate, and ultimately obtain a state certificate. Will they help me to find a teaching position? Under the temporary certificate will I in principle be able to teach at any school in any state that recognizes ABCTE or is there a restricted list of schools?

3) Since I am an international student, will I need to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) prior to enrolling in the program, or at least prior to teaching?

Other general information about certificate is also welcome.

Thank you.

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