Who'd You Rather?

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Who'd You Rather?

Post by shawanda »

If you are a recruiter, and considering both current events and the appalling lack of diversity in staffing at many international schools worldwide, who'd you rather hire (in order of preference) to fill your remaining open positions for the 2020-2021 school year?

a) a single educator of color (trendy, yet to my ears, regressive way of saying "a black or brown person")
b) an educator with a trailing spouse and two school-aged dependents
c) an educator currently based in China (thus possibly in close contact to COVID-19)
d) an accomplished 20-year independent school (US) educator with no certificate/teacher's license
e) a current school administrator looking to get back into the classroom or take on reduced responsibilities
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Re: Who'd You Rather?

Post by sid »

Without a CV and an interview? Shooting in the dark and revealing our innate beliefs? I’ll play.

First, e. I’ve worked with several and they all did great. Heads down, never complain, meet all deadlines, effective, calm and persistent with students, all policies followed. They’ve seen the big picture of school politics and are happy to be far away from it.
Second, any of the first three. There’s nothing there to say who will be better.
Last, the teacher without a license. I can’t get a visa for her in my current or past two countries, so there’s no point tempting myself.
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Re: Who'd You Rather?

Post by shadowjack »

I'd be looking at all but d. Then it comes down to fit, and how the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit.

Recruitment and filling positions is like a jigsaw puzzle - you put all the pieces and see which ones fit the best. Sometimes it is a teaching couple in your areas, sometimes it is two singles, sometimes a family. For most schools, Shawanda, there is no mandate to hire "only" teaching couples. But I can tell you that for small schools with 200 students, hiring two single teachers, each with a housing allowance, can eat the tuition costs of 2 students - 1% of the student body, just on extras, not counting salary.

Those are things that teachers don't have to consider, but that directors, who do the hiring, have to reconcile with the board and financial manager to stay within budget range. However, any good school will have a range/mix of couples, singles,and singles with dependents, with the most important priority being the best teacher first, the best fit second, and when there is no clear first, second coming into play more.
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Re: Who'd You Rather?

Post by secondplace »

If I couldn't get a visa for D, then they're straight off the list.

E would be intriguing. Would add capacity to the school as they might want to step back 'up' again.

A to C could be equally attractive. But let's dig deeper.

B - can they get by on one salary? Not that it's by job to manage their finances for them or tell them what they can afford, but if I know it's possibly going to be a struggle for them do I think they will be happy and commit for longer? Maybe not.

C - could be one of many attractive candidates who are choosing to leave China because of the current . who might otherwise not be. Timing could mean that other ships have sailed and we get to employ them as other jobs have filled...

A - If my school is looking to increase our diversity - in colour, age, gender, nationality etc - and this person helps with that, then maybe they zoom up the list.
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Re: Who'd You Rather?

Post by vandsmith »

e, a, b, c, d.
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Post by PsyGuy »

In descending order of marketability:

D: Assuming I can get them a visa. Personality and fit might be gold but performance is platinum, increase that by an order of magnitude if they are a high demand subjects IT. Can I get them a visa though thats the big issue. If the region has a healthy well developed ESOL market you can typically get an IT in with a first/bachelors degree, credential not required. If the appropriate ministry require more, what will they accept? If I can get by with an ACSI certificate thats just an application, easy to do by August with no real fear of failure. If more is needed like an actual credential, in this scenario its a US DT so there isnt much in terms of logistics getting them a MA provisional credential which is a couple exams. At this time of year thats plenty of time before the AY.

E: I agree with @Sid and while those descriptions make more for a good employee than a good edu, I disagree with @SJ fit is more important than teaching. A strong leadership team and resources can train the edu and teaching competencies, you cant teach, or train a sociopath (like leaders) empathy, you cant fix personality with academics. The biggest reservation and concern with a leader moving into the classroom is how much of a dinosaur are they but in terms of secondary factors such as technology, as most leaders tend to use chalk and talk delivery and primary factors such as the recency of their subject matter competence, how outdated is it. Still you can sit E down in a weekend training for Google classroom and they will do it. E isnt likely to be playing the gossip game or running the rumor mill. Good employee traits are desirable, more so than good practice and craft.

C: Lot of time between now and September and the IT is likely to be heading back to their HOR come the end of the AY essentially quarantining themselves for months before they have to report for the start of the 2020 AY. Just make sure when their contract is done they leave China and if they arent sick (or arent sick any longer) and Wuhan . is still at issue than by the time the 2020 AY starts there shouldnt be a problem.

B: Theyre just to expensive, especially if leadership has to do something for the trailing spouse, but two tuition/place waivers/seats that have to be absorbed plus all the OSH and relocation costs, unless the options are non-existent or really bad or the IT is really needed or the IS is desperate. Concur ith @SJ at a small IS that can eat an ordinal amount of revenue on just one hire.

A: IE isnt appalled by the lack of diversity. Its just leaders who dont want to sound or be labeled racist, but ownership and the parents (the customer) call the shots. If they wanted more diversity that would happen, but parents identify western edu with white faces. You can get away with a brown face for a Spanish FL IT or yellow IT for an Asian FL IT or whatever the local host demographic is for ATs, local cultures IT or office staff, thats about it. More than that and why rock the boat and alienate the customer over something that doesnt add value or benefit leadership aside from getting to sign post a SJW flag.
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