Search, China, and Reneging

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With 85K infected, 1K dead, this isnt going to be over in 2.5 weeks (March). Its either commit to staying in China now before Chinas ITs flood whats left of the sub-peak recruiting cycle, cut and run now, or be prepared to head to to the Kingdom and the ME in August.
The other side of that coin is that if youre in good health, and dont have a lot of responsibilities come this summer theres going to be some really good opportunities in China.

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Re: Search, China, and Reneging

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The numbers of people infected and who have died seem alarming at first glance but in reality the majority of these are all within Wuhan. Also considering the population of China, this is not a crazy amount. I work in a school in Beijing and I will be returning to China in the next few weeks. I am healthy so I am not scared of this . seen as the majority it kills are either old or have other health issues. Life must go on. I think a lot of people's fears are directly related to alarmist headlines they are reading.

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Re: Search, China, and Reneging

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I don't think its the deadly/not deadly aspect that is so overwhelming about the CoronaVirus, after all the flu has killed 8000+ in the United States this flu season. I think its the fact that unlike the flu, those infected with the CoronaVirus need more intensive medical treatment, and that is what is overwhelming Wuhan and scares the bejesus out of the rest of China. We live and work in Shanghai and will head back when the SEC tells us that our school will re-open. I don't want to think about having to ramp up a job search at this point in the year.

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