How to tell if Primary actually teaches?

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How to tell if Primary actually teaches?

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I am looking for a new location and was wondering how to figure out if the primary program will produce students at grade level and not several grades below. Which questions and information should I look for to read the tea leaves upon the quality of the primary department?

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Re: How to tell if Primary actually teaches?

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Not easy, but you can ask how often students' publish in their newsletter or what kind of models they use to learn math and science or even what is the dominant method of learning in school? You could also inquire about teachers' qualifications. Best thing to do is visit schools and learn first-hand.

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Assuming you cant visit an IS in person. The best indicators are:
1) Past externally moderated assessment score results, ISs usually brag about them if they have them.
2) Implementation, availability and use of external curriculum resources. What book/publisher do thy use for maths, and reading, etc.
3) Whats their ICT look like? ISs with better funded ICT resources generally have better support availability aside from the HRT IT.
4) Whats their ESOL program look like? Is the IS in general just one big ESOL program using primary as a vehicle for service and delivery. Is there a defined support program, a curriculum focus? The less organized the ESOL approach the less likely your going to produce student performance at grade level.
5) Whats the staff look like are they predominately ETs, and the classes are mostly edutainment?

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