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I so very, very, very, very, seldom start new topics or posts, but after reading the admin post regarding commenting on schools and some of the membership comments, despite being locked I feel a need to respond.

First, a disclaimer, I am not in any way a representative, associate, employee, volunteer, admin, moderator, or in any other way (outside of being a member contributor of our readership) a part of ISR.

This has happened before, and many of our members especially new ones do not realize the immense amount of behind the scene and past the walls support the staff of ISR performs. Imagine if you will, a walled city of the Middle Ages. We the membership sit behind a walled city, inside a walled castle, inside the castles most fortified structures, while outside, the staff of ISR are essentially waging a war on our behalf against the many IS's. Many of these battles are of a legal or public relations nature, and the difficulties are extremely challenging.

The first issue is costs. Legal battles and challenges are expensive, and it's not about paying judgments. It's about the punitive costs of defense, and the economics of scale. ISR is few (one) and the IS's are many (a lot). These ISs can file a civil suite (even in a foreign country) and while it doesn't get very far, the cost of legal services in responding to a cease and desist letter, take down letter, civil complaint, drafting letters, and motions and having discussions and meetings between opposing counsel and representatives is expensive. The IS's can spread that cost amongst the many of themselves, where as, ISR must defend each and everyone solely by themselves. Defending against these cumulative complaints is very expensive to do over time compared to the single cost of an IS filing a complaint in court. It's essentially litigation harassment, "death by a 1000 cuts".
This is just the forum, many admins subscribe to the paid side of this site to monitor there "image" where the stuff gets really ugly, and admins, ownership, and HOS’s respond very aggressively to those evaluations, typically responding with "remove this evaluation, or we will contact our lawyers", and they have to be responded to and dealt with, which consumes a considerable amount of resources.

Second, ISR is very public, you do not have to register to read the forum content, and the nets various search engines index and catalog the forum posts. This means our material turns up a lot in many casual web searches, including those of students, parents, teachers, staff, government and regulatory authorities and of course the media. It is a LOT of work and resources fielding those responses and responding to them.

I would hope that we could appreciate the immense amount of work that goes on behind the scene in ensuring that we have as open an experience that the forum provides.

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