Teaching Couple Applications

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Teaching Couple Applications

Post by TeacherIan »

Hi - looking for advice.

When applying as a teaching couple, do you think it is better to submit one intro letter for each or to submit a joint letter?

Is reading 2 letters asking for too much of a recruiter's time even though there would be more information about the applicant?

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Re: Teaching Couple Applications

Post by Ladida »

My husband and I submit separate letters... because we are applying for separate positions. But we always mention the other in our letters. Then they can go to Search and see our spouse's resume if they want, if they haven't seen the letters already. We've gotten interest from schools that one of us applied to, and then the other hadn't applied yet, but they mentioned our spouse in the response with regards to another position.
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Post by PsyGuy »

Always follow the instructions in the posting. You have no idea what screening and selection process the IS will use. Submit separate letters and separate applications but mention the teaching spouse in each others letter. That way the application can follow whatever path its meant for independently of one another.
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