PGCEi alternatives?

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PGCEi alternatives?

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Hi All

I've read a bit about tier 1 and possibly tier 2 schools refusing to hire PGCEi holders. Are there any qualifications that can be completed internationally and are as respected as those complete domestically in canada/the usa/aus etc?

Also I think you can get QTS internationally if the school agree to support it? Is this correct?

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Teach Now is a common option thats been around for a while. Its an online program (skills based pathway) but requires 12 weeks of field work and results in a DC or HI professional grade credential. You are unlikely however to be able to use this to obtain QTS by the time you would be applying. The program cost is ~USD$6K. Both programs require PD and renewal.
For far less coin you can take a couple of credentialing exams and obtain a MA Provisional credential, which is an Entry grade credential. The exams and fees will set you back a few hundred USD and a number of tests are available remotely meaning you would not have to travel to the US to take them, though travel costs are still likely to be much less than the Teach Now and far less work. The credential would also be an effective lifetime credential not requiring any PD or renewal. You can not use this credential to obtain QTS.

There is no QTS pathway for a PGCEi holder currently based on a "support" plan of an IS. You can complete the AO pathway to QTS at any IS that utilizes the UK NC curriculum. You can complete induction as part of the ECT pathway at a BSO that has recently been inspected by the Dfe and rated acceptable.

There might be a QTSi created by the Dfe at some point in the future but those plans are in VERY early draft form and are just as likely to be scraped as anything. Based on the current drafts, QTSi will not qualify the holder to teach in UK maintained (public) DSs. What that means for IE is that QTSi wont be worth very much. What it will equate to is essentially allow some BSs (with laxed immigration requirements) that are BSOs to increase their pool of candidates without having to reduce their number of credentialed ITs they report.
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