Is this a good package for Singapore?

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Is this a good package for Singapore?

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My husband has been provided with a breakdown of the package he would receive from the school in Singapore from HR. He got a second interview with HR, but has not been formally offered the position (but this was yesterday).

Nonetheless, could anyone tell me if this is a good deal please? We are both teachers, but I have not secured a position yet. We are a family of 3 with 3 dogs!

Base salary - SGD 6,947 per month + experience allowance - 1,939 per month + 699 per month for spouse (me), 350 per month for our son = Total 9,935

Housing allowance – SGD 2,000 per month for husband, 500 per month for spouse (me) and SGD 500 per month for our son = Total = 3K per month.

Relocation allowance - SGD 7,500 for the employee, SGD 3,000 for spouse and SGD 3,000 for the child. Total = 13.5K.

Home flight allowance (every 2 years) – ranges from SGD 1,050 to SGD 2,000.

Free place for our son.

Medical insurance covers the whole family (but no specifics as yet).

Is this a good deal please? Is this one salary doable, if I don't secure a position?

Would it be easy for me to secure a position once there? I'm very experienced (long in the tooth some might say!), got a Masters and have management experience.

Thank you.
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Re: Is this a good package for Singapore?

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If you are into finance / IT (especially cybersecurity), finding a job locally will not be difficult.
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