Second Interview Tips

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Second Interview Tips

Post by Murkyokra »

I am new to international teaching and I have had two interviews so far. One was a rejection, and the second is moving to the second interview.

What kind of things should I be asking about now that the school and I are more serious about moving forward?
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Re: Second Interview Tips

Post by mamava »

It depends. If you are interviewing with a different person on the 2nd interview, I often ask questions pertaining to that person job. So if I was interviewed by the Curriculum director, I'd target questions about that. If it's the head of school, I would might ask some questions about financial health or the role of the board.

If it's the same person interviewing you, I often ask the type of questions they ask me. Tell me about a time when.... where they have to give back some more detailed information.

I always ask a couple of softer questions about the lifestyle of the city--best and worst aspects, etc.
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