Where am I? And how do I get more?

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Where am I? And how do I get more?

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I am a math teacher, UK qualified, 12 years experience (some as HoD but no IB), currently teaching in China in my first international position. I am single with no dependents and I'm very flexible on where I work. My salary is $62k, $50k after tax and I think I have a yearly savings potential with my lifestyle of $31k per year (plus all the usual medical, flights and housing). For my first int'l position, I am quite content where I am.

However, I work in a large for-profit chain of schools and I feel as though this must mean I am in a 'tier 2' school. Firstly, I assume that Tier 1 schools (particularly non-profit ones) probably pay more than my current role? However, according to Search, many of the schools often referred to here as 'tier 1' seem to pay a similar amount to my current school. I also don't think that living costs would be cheaper in some of those other Asian megacities compared to where I am right now. Secondly, I see posts on this forum and others talking about teaching jobs with no responsibility paying up to $100k and I am wondering where those jobs are? The only school I have come across that openly advertises that kind of salary was the Saudi one and that does not interest me. People often talk of the ME but most jobs I see there seem to pay no more than $50k tax free as well (not including gratuity, but the increased living costs probably cancel this out). I've seen talk of tutoring in the ME, but how much can that add per year? Even conducting five 1-hour lessons per week at say $150/hr its only going to gain $20k per year and those are highly optimistic assumptions I believe?

Essentially, whilst I'm happy in my current role, I can't help wondering if I can get paid more for doing the same job elsewhere plus I'm just generally trying to plan my next move... Just to add, I am well aware of the expectations that would come with a high salary and I think I'm good enough to meet them.
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Re: Where am I? And how do I get more?

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Are you only checking British schools? That would be my first question. If no, then you should be looking at different services, such as SEARCH.
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