New to this and looking for advice!

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New to this and looking for advice!

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Hey all, I've had an off and on love affair with the teaching game and I'm looking to settle out in the international realm. I have an elementary and special education degree and license from Wisconsin. After I finished my student teaching I substitute taught for about a year. I then joined the Peace Corps, where I taught a 3rd grade classroom in a remote primary school for 1 year and then taught literacy to low level readers the next. Since then, I've been working as a teacher aide in an elementary school here in the states, working individually with special education students.

I would love to find something in South America, I'm obviously not dead-set on a top tier school, and I'm willing to put in some work for a couple of years in order to nab something more ideal. My biggest concern is, I don't have a legitimate 2 years of "full classroom experience" that I've read many places is a minimum requirement. Instead, I have a collection of different experiences that are closely related to that.

I'm looking to go to AASSA's fair in December, maybe UNI later on too; I talked to a recruiter on the phone and he said that between my Peace Corps experience and the high demand for special education I would have a chance despite my experience situation. What do you all think? Is this something worth pursuing or should I build up more experience in the US first?
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Re: New to this and looking for advice!

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Given your willing to take a lower tier school job to get the overseas experience and get your foot in the door, coupled with your PC experience, which many schools DO value, go for it and get your applications out!
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