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PsyGuy wrote:

> Ive never professed to be a scholar of anything.

That's a relief.

> Okay maybe I did use the terms excellent and very fine, and what not to
> include ISs in the third tier,

Awww, how cute.

> I believe there is more to existence than knowing Latin, of which your
> position is that of stating by fiat your conclusion and position is self
> evident, its not, your claims arent self authenticating because you deem
> them to be.

Fiat is Latin. Game over.

> Truth doesnt matter, truth is an illusion it implies that your senses,
> observations will allow you to know. You never know the truth, there is no
> 1.00 perfect validity. Only data matters.

Please, tell me more about truth and data. It's cute to watch laymen at work.

I've just now realized what you are. You're the apocalyptic street preacher of these forums, mixing just enough reality and logic into your bizarre IE eschatology. Everyone has a role, I suppose.
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I dont know where you would get the impression I profess about anything.
Many English words have Latin origins.
I know the feeling I watch lay persons struggle with it all the time.
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PsyGuy wrote:
> The forum consensus of the major contributors (a pretty big event for us)
> is that 2 years post credential experience in DE is highly advised. However
> there are other factors, neither FL nor GA are suffering a shortage of
> EL/Literature ITs, so unless you have or know someone who can get you a job
> youre going to have a hard time getting that two years of experience, you
> could be waiting years.
> So while that two years experience is important there are lots of hardship
> regions and lower tier ISs that would like that but cant get it, and have a
> much lower quality of candidate they have to appoint from, and they will
> appoint with less than to years experience.
> Visa and immigration requirements do play a role, but usually an IS will
> know how to get around them in such cases your ESL experience may be used
> to secure you a visa or work permit.
> Are these ISs legitimate? In what way do you define legitimate? They will
> mostly be local DSs or Academy ISs that will have some kind of western
> program (even if that means they hired westerners to teach whatever it is
> they teach). At a certain point in bottom third tier ISs it really just
> comes down to, do they pay their coin, and do they pay on time and is your
> housing livable.
> None of your ESOL or field work will count, maybe your online experience,
> maybe a portion of it. You shouldn't expect anything higher than step 1 or
> 2 on the salary scale. Other than that what your really looking for is the
> OSH package. How much coin out of pocket do you have to accommodate for, do
> they fly you in and out, or is the out only if you renew (or is there an
> out). Whats the housing? Do they pay visa and document fees? Whats the
> relocation if any?
> It doesnt matter which credential you use. I would say FL since that as
> your initial credential, and has the closest link to your EPP/ITT program.
> Once you get the FL credential you should apply for QTS.

I just wanted to update this post to say that I finished the TeacherReady EPP program December 2018, and finished all of the Florida tests in January 2019. I didn't receive my "Status of Eligibility" from Florida until May 2019. I immediately submitted the Status of Eligibility and fingerprints. I did not receive my teaching certificate from Florida until January 2020! I immediately used the Florida teaching license to apply for QTS. I am proud to report that I finally have QTS!

All in all, this journey started in May of 2018, and after almost two years of work and waiting, I have met my goal!

Thank you, all who contributed to these posts, and helped to point me in the right direction.
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