Interviewer sent me a thank you e-mail first.

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Interviewer sent me a thank you e-mail first.

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Hi all,

I recently had a pre-screening phone interview by one of the school directors.

The interviewed last about 20 minutes and he told me that there would be two more rounds of interviews with different interviewers after this first one. He said he will probably get back to me (about the first interview result) after two weeks since there is a long holiday coming up in the country that the school is located in.

Anyway, almost immediately after the interview he sent me a short thank you e-mail, even before I sent mine.
He thanked me for my time and said he looks forward to connecting again soon.

I know it's the norm for candidates to send thank you e-mails to the interviewers, but I haven't really heard of an interviewer sending a thank you e-mail first to a candidate.
Is this not uncommon thing for international schools?

I don't think I did too poorly on the interview, but I also think I didn't do too well.
I am bit worried if this is a bad sign as the interviewer may think that he doesn't want to even consider me, thus sending his e-mail first to completely forget about me after the interview.

Thank you
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Re: Interviewer sent me a thank you e-mail first.

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Not that unusual, no. I've had it happen to me before. Some people just like to be nice. It may, or most likely may not, have any bearing on your chance of success. It's true that schools are more likely to ignore you than acknowledge but it sounds like this recruiter is conscientious. Or, possibly, desperate. Perhaps even both?
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Not uncommon at all, leadership that do this usually have a short form copy and paste or do so out of habit. It doesnt mean anything.
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