Ichiro examples

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Re: Ichiro examples

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WOW - this is the first I've ever heard of an 'Ichiro' and now I'm a thousand percent more grateful that I didn't have to attend a job fair this year, haha. I don't know whether to laugh or just sit here and shake my head.

In any case, good luck everyone with your search - hope everyone is finding success!
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Re: Ichiro examples

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does anyone have an example of an "ichiro" they could upload and attach? it doesn't have to be your own but just struggling with the visual right now.

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Re: Ichiro examples

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We never did one but some people seem to do something along the lines of a personal flyer or visual resume. Not exactly like this but should give you some ideas:

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If youre struggling with the creative aspects of it I would do two things. The first, is a basic flyer that you can do on a color laser or inkjet printer using standard office document software (such as MS Word). You can find "glossy" or "brochure and flyer" paper online or at your local stationary supply store. You then create a three fold brochure or flyer using the software. A brochure is more work requiring printing on both sides, a flyer you can do just a single side.
The second recommendation is to create a double sides business card. You can use a service like vista print do it all online or again you can use card stock with a printer and software like MS Office. The front of the card has your photo, name and all your contact details. The back you summarize your credentials, years of experience and education. The flyer/brochure gives you something to put under doors or in boxes and the card gives you something to hand out in passing and to always keep on you.

I liked @WT123s but they were more creative resumes than they were Ichiros.
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Re: Ichiro examples

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I did mine using a google template for a brochure. Then went to Kinko's and copied it on very light lavender paper and folded it in 1/3rds. I copied in color and stopped when I realize it had gone above $50!! I'm glad I did it. It may have been neutral as far as recruiters receiving it, but as Psyguy says, we need to stand out somehow.
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