British School Discrimination

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British School Discrimination

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Has everyone seen the discrimination against Canada Goose coats (and others)? This wouldnt even be an issue in most of IE, their discriminating now against coats, what are parents who already spent the money on the Canada Goose coat supposed to do? ... gner-coats ... 18457.html

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Re: British School Discrimination

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Because in IE if you can afford to send your kids to the schools, then you can be pretty sure that you can easily afford Canada Goose coats!

This is fairly common in the UK. I worked in schools which took kids from one of the most deprived areas of Scotland, and there were cases of bullying for not wearing the "right" labels, and where parents genuinely struggled to get clothing for their kids from Tesco or Asda. Whilst there's no need for it in IE, in the UK where secondaries in particular can draw from very varied socio-economic groups - in Scotland, catchment areas for secondaries are often drawn up with social engineering in mind - I do think there's a need for it.

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