Where was your first IS job?

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Re: Where was your first IS job?

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After 4 years in state schools, I went to a job fair in London, had a shot in the dark interview with a great school in Asia("We don't have any positions for you but let's chat") which led to a job offer a week after the fair. I accepted by email...an email that was mysteriously lost, the job given to someone else and I was devastated.

My supervisor at that time was a jerk and said something to the effect of, "Well, you're stuck with us because no one wanted you." I was so angry I went home and emailed every school I had ever applied to and one answered. I had the job in Germany within the week.

It was one of those perfect steps into international teaching: newer school that offered PYP training because they didn't yet have their accreditation, lovely staff of misfits from all over who got on really well which was good because there was nothing to do in the small town, lots of travel opportunities and wonderful students and parents. I feel very lucky to have had my original job offer fall through.
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Re: Where was your first IS job?

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Couldn't resist responding to this.

After being discharged from the Air Force in 1973 after 4 years, I hopped on a flight and flew back to Vietnam where I was stationed for almost 4 years. I landed in Saigon, bought a motorcycle and got my first job in an international school teaching English Literature, although I was a physics/chemistry major. I loved it! You're young and feel like you're invulnerable, and I think this was the first time I understood Shakespeare (after teaching it). I certainly knew nothing about it in high school!

I had to be evacuated a week before Saigon was "liberated" , but that experience led me to live and teach in 12 other countries. This time, though, I was teaching in the field I knew.

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