CV, cover letter help please!!

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CV, cover letter help please!!

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This is my first time writing a cv and cover letter.
The application I'm doing has asked for cover letter (max 1 page), a cv (2pages) and then has a box for skills, experience and additional info.

I've covered my skills and experience in my cv so should I repeat myself or cut it out my cv?

Is your cv all bullet points or prose?

What do you put in your cover letter? Short and to the point?

Any tips welcome!


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Re: CV, cover letter help please!!

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Your cover letter is not about your skills, but rather highlights your experiences, your teaching philosophy, and other intangibles and tangibles you bring to the job.

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Re: CV, cover letter help please!!

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A cover letter should include your teaching philosophy and the answer to "why" you teach. It is nice to add anecdotes from your career or life experience that will further illustrate what you bring to the table and who you are as a teacher.

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