Local teacher pay -vs- Foreign teacher pay

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Local teacher pay -vs- Foreign teacher pay

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What are your thoughts and experiences? What if foreign teachers in your school include the teachers from the Philippines or China? How much should they be paid? Does your school have different pay scales according to geographic origin?

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Re: Local teacher pay -vs- Foreign teacher pay

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My school doesn't, but I have heard other schools rationalize such a thing based on local home country pay scales and retirement costs. If a school wants American teachers, then they realize they have to pay them more because living costs in the US are more and that is where the teacher will retire to.

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Re: Local teacher pay -vs- Foreign teacher pay

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My school pays local teachers and overseas hires the same pay in terms of salary and some benefits. Other benefits--housing, flights, insurance, etc. are different because of different needs. Our local teachers are well-trained and the expectations for quality are the same for all of us, so it makes sense that all teachers receive the same salary and are treated equitably. It was one of the things that drew us to the school. If you have a quality school and aim to hire good teachers and you have strong expectations, then the pay should be equitable, even if it meant that the pay was much higher than the average salary.

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I dont disagree with the sentiments of the other contributors. Ive found that the ISs that would pay ITs (such as those from the Philippines) the same regardless of their origin, dont really have to. They can attract plenty of western candidates. Those that cant do generally have separate salary structures for western and non-western faculty. The reasons being that one, ISs have to pay more to attract western ITs which they dont have to pay such premium for non-westerners. Second, there is a preference among ownership for a certain type of IT demographic, and thats primarily Caucasian. When ownership is comprised of locals they dont see non-westerners as being particularly desirable or honestly worth the coin. Their position is why pay so much for an Asian IT when there are plenty of local Asian DTs, and whats so international about an IS with local staff. These parents are buying something, and that something is western edu which they see as being provided by westerners.

Most ISs have separate categories for LH and OSH hires, though they tend to put OSH appointments from non-western origins on the LH benefits category.

I dont agree with @SJs claim that US ITs will retire out in the US, my experience is that usually isnt true.

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