Teaching in Singapore

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Re: Teaching in Singapore

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Hi MillieBee,

I have been back and forth to Singapore so haven't yet looked properly at my work options. I am finally settled with visa, apartment etc so ready to start the search for work. If you'd like to meet a friendly face and share what we each know, feel free to send me an email (If you click on my name, you'll see my email address listed in my profile).

Cheers :)

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Re: Teaching in Singapore

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I'm also in a similar position.

I'm teaching high school maths in Melbourne and my wife is moving to Singapore with her company around Christmas time.

I have seven years experience in international schools, so qualifications shouldn't be an issue. But at this early stage I have no idea of how visas will work and what my options are.

I'd be interested in knowing a little more about the schools that Shouldigo mentioned.

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Re: Teaching in Singapore

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Hi, you will struggle to get relief/supply work as the salary will not be high enough for you to get an employment pass. You cannot work on a LTVP. So you either need to get a full time position, where your employment pass will be sponsored by your school, or you need to get married and switch to a dependents pass (which it is possible to work on).

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