Advice: Leaving Japan (JET) aiming for Europe

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PsyGuy wrote:
> @seanyc4
> No, its not really that important. In IE any lesson outside of those ISs
> that are predominately expats is a language lesson. Lord of the Flies is
> FAR more important. Literature exam results are important, English language
> is a utility subject, it gives access to the extended curriculum [url=http://www.comparateur-mutuelle-assuran ... invalidite]assurances deces[/url]. ESOl in
> IE is taught by non-bilingual foreigners, in many instances ESOL is
> learning support, and for many ISs English proficiency is an admission
> requirement. Many ITs especially at secondary just dont have the time to
> develop CALP.
Thank you very much for this information, it is vital for us to know the modalities of admission in this kind of institute.

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Re: Advice: Leaving Japan (JET) aiming for Europe

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I was a JET from 1993-1996 and that experience really didn't do much for me when looking for jobs in international schools. No recruiters ever looked at it as real teaching, and in retrospective, I can see that they were right. However, that doesn't mean you can't do anything with it. If you really like teaching ESL to school age children, then I would recommend you get a MA in ESL or English Education. Then do a bit of teaching in your home country and then try to get a job at an international school. International Schools have a real need for ESL but almost always expect teachers to have real credentials, not the six week ESL course that many teachers have.

Good luck in your transition. Leaving Japan was tough, but I can't believe you are still making what I made in Japan 25 years ago.

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I wouldnt advise getting a Masters in TESOL. You want a professional educator credential in ESOL as an endorsement area. Then get some experience, save the Masters for something that will add utility to your resume such as leadership, counselor, librarian, etc. A Masters should always do more than getting you into a classroom.

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