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Abu Bakar Ahsen and his refusal to pay consultancy

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:51 pm
by Almuddaththir
I was given so many incentives to travel to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to deliver courses in Business Communications that I foolishly accepted. I wrote the course after so many promises by Abu Bakar Ahsen that the course would not be tampered with and that all the items in our agreement would be religiously provided.

In a nutshell I was not given my consultancy fee.

I returned to Australia without a penny after three weeks of deception and obfuscation and outright lies.

Abu Bakar Ahsen's 'KNOWLEDGE SQUARE' in Riyadh is a joke and Saudi lawyers are preparing to take Abu Bakar Ahsen to court for fraud.

BEWARE of this charlatan.