DC license about to expire (woops)

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DC license about to expire (woops)

Post by cookies4u »

It's been a hectic few years, and I dropped the ball on renewing my DC teaching license (obtained via Teach Now). I just realized my license will expire March 18. I tried applying for QTS, but the application process seems to no longer accept licenses obtained via TN.

So I guess my question is, what are my options? I'm nowhere near an ETS testing center to re-take the Praxis. Any advice appreciated.
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Re: DC license about to expire (woops)

Post by OzIsMe »

You could immediately apply to transfer your DC licence to another state that has a reciprocity agreement with DC, like Tennessee (there are others, but TN came to mind).
https://www.tn.gov/education/licensing/ ... ators.html

See what works, but you will need to get on it fast and possibly call people in the TN office. It is possible to get an expired DC licence renewed but I don't know how your school will react to an unlicensed teacher.
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Post by PsyGuy »

What what are your certificate subject area(s)?

You need to talk to your ISs leadership, because its extremely unlikely youre going to have a valid credential in hand by the time your current DC credential expires. Normally I would recommend QTS because those documents can be obtained quickly and the processing time is a few weeks. Youre from Teach Now with a DC credential and thats not going to work for you. You need to find out what position your IS and executive leadership is going to have and what action they would take.


Youre best option is to renew the DC credential. You dont need to travel to a test center, you can take the PRAXIS exams remotely from home for many subjects. This service is only available in the US, but its based on the address in your ETS account which you would need to have listed an address in the US. You may also need to use a VPN with a US IP (depends where you are logging in from, the speed of your connection, etc.)


1) The main problem you have is youre so very short on time. TN for example would be one of my two recommendations but TN
A) Doesnt issue credentials to non US citizens (you need a SS# to apply) and I take it from your forum ID your from AUS.
B) Youre going to have to submit official transcripts and verification of your DC credential before it expires, and even if the transcripts are from the US and you use a clearing house thats still going to take time you dont have.
C) TN is still processing applications from August, so youre looking at about a 6 month processing time, and youre not a priority even if you are eligible (the DC credential expires before processing). With that time frame it will be summer by the time you have a credential, and by then you could just renew the DC credential by on-site exam.

2) My other recommendation would be HI because you just upload copies of everything online, so your application could be done, but youre likely only going to get a Provisional (Entry grade) credential, though you may have it in hand by the time the DC credential expires.

3) You could apply for a MA credential, the Temporary credential requires 3 years experience under a valid credential and a Bachelors/First degree. It would be an effective life time credential assuming your IS was okay with it. You could also possibly take the MTEL exams remotely to meet the requirements of the Provisional credential but thats going to be risking time you dont have given scheduling time and exam reporting. Youre likely just better off doing the PRAXIS remotely.

4) You could do the PD for renewal of the DC credential. You might have some past PD, and with something like Coursera you could make a go of it and have the application in around the time it expires. This assumes you cant get your leadership to sign off on in-house PD that your IS certifies in a letter.

5) Depending what your IS and leadership say, you may have more time than you think. The requirements to reactivate an expired credential are the same as for renewal, so if your IS is fine with you not having a credential you may be able to wait until summer. Depends what exams you have to take.


Fake it, were just talking paper, but the PD documentation requirements are really squishy. You need some stationary blank certificates and/or a color printer. Just make sure that each certificate or letter you create has your name, title of the training, dates, number of clock hours, organization name. Do some web searching for conferences before COVID and organization names and then create training titles that correspond to your credential fields and how many hours would be suitable for the training type, print those up and then have friends sign, find signature images or use handwriting fonts. Scan everything and upload. The whole project shouldnt take longer than a couple days.
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Re: DC license about to expire (woops)

Post by cdmxpaisa »

Just apply for another state's license before it expires.

Actually, even if it expires you can still get another license.

Washington St. allows you to get a license that will never expire (as long as you dont teach in Wash St.) by simply having completed a ACP and passing the teaching exams.
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Post by PsyGuy »

I would have included WA in my discussion had time not been an issue. WA wouldnt have processed the credential in time given their processing period.
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