Situation in Peru

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Situation in Peru

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How are the schools and people working at schools in Peru with all the protests going on?
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Stay away from large groups, dont associate or identify with vocal expats, avoid conversations of politics and inflammatory issues, keep your head down and away from demonstrations and its fine.
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Re: Situation in Peru

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The only teacher in Peru that I know still goes surfing whenever he can and seems unbothered.
Expats are rarely targeted if there is unrest anywhere in the world, unless they are used as scapegoats which is not happening in Peru. If you keep your distance then not much will change except if utilities or supply chains are disrupted. Currency and cost of living could be affected and therefore your savings.
My cousin visiting Peru as a tourist was trapped near Machu Picchu for a while because train service was and possibly still is disrupted.
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Re: Situation in Peru

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I have a friend in Lima. She goes about her normal life. The protests don't seem to affect her at all.
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