Future of teaching - only 2 real options

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Future of teaching - only 2 real options

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This forum has helped me out quite a bit and I hope it can help me one last time here.

I am interesting in solidifying my teaching career but I can't go to the UK. I am seeing more and more that schools want either Master Ed or PCGE with QTS. The qualifications and standards have sky rocketed.

I feel like there are only 2 real options to getting a good teaching position for now and in the future.

From what I see the Moreland, teach now option works but then people are getting their masters degrees as well.
Get pgcei + iQTS

Either way this will take a lot of money and time. I am wondering if there are any other options before I make the plunge. This is a super heavy investment and there is no turning back after.

I really don't know what to do and feel lost, any help would be appreciated. I am teaching accounting now if anyone needs background.

Also is there anyway to get a school to pay for this? its just too damn expensive.

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Re: Future of teaching - only 2 real options

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You won’t get a QTS, but you will get a PGCE.
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Teach Now (Moreland Uni.) is an EPP/ITT provider for the (effectively) DC LEA. Despite the DC credential being a Professional grade credential you wont be able to obtain QTS with it, this means you will have to renew it every 4 years through PD. Moreland also provides an independent or extension option where for an additional fee (double the credentialing fee) and an extra term (summer) can obtain an M.Ed.

Teach Now has National as opposed to Regional accreditation. In the US, National accreditation is a lower level than Regional accreditation and is thus not equivalent to accreditation standards found in other regions. Teach Now has also obtained program accreditation for education (CAEP) which isnt a substitute for Regional accreditation. In the UK this would be equivalent to association with a respective academic society (SET, etc.). This may or not be an issue for you if youre just interested in checking a box for IE recruiting, the DC credential is a regular, professional grade credential. Its also likely that an IS would accept the M.Ed for salary band at an IS. Its not an inexpensive option though, there are cheaper Masters programs that are fully accredited (mostly in the UK) and UPe is cheaper with the same level of accreditation as Teach Now. Though you cant find a shorter M.Ed program with the extension option.


A PGCEi is just the academic portion of a PGCE, though some EPP/ITT programs have a field experience component. There isnt much difference academically between the programs, but PGCEi programs are generally seen as inferior to PGCE programs because a PGCEi doesnt lead to the issuance of QTS as is often associated with a PGCE. Any many especially lower tier ISs a PGCEi is a working qualification, just as an M.Ed can be a working qualification, though an M.Ed (nor a PGCEi, nor a PGCE) is not a credential.

iQTS is a different creature, and a very new certificate. The Dfe (the regulating authority) has declared that iQTS is a credential, but as of now does not qualify for QTS and or as a license to provide instructional services in regulated/maintained DE, until Parliament makes the necessary regulatory adaptation, which it hasnt done. Much of iQTS is still up in the air, the first cohort started in the Fall and wont complete their program until the end of the current AY. What happens with iQTS in the IE market is yet to be seen. Its likely that BSs will accept it. The issue is going to be the various MOEs and immigration authorities if they accept iQTS as a pro edu credential.



You could do a MA in Edu for £4K (Uni. Buckingham) and there are many other under £5K options.
In general there are more ISs that will accept a Masters in edu over a PGCE and a Masters will get you a higher salary band whereas a PGCE/PGCEi will not.
You can pursue QTS through the AO pathway for about £3K through TES.
Doing those together is better and less coin than doing Teach Now.


You could do the M.Ed from UPe for USD$4K, its the same level of accreditation as Teach Now. Its part of the IB portfolio of partner programs. The degree imparts the same benefit as an IBEC certificate.
You could obtain the MA Provisional (Entry grade) credential in Business (5-12) for about USD$300 in testing and application fees. You can do the two required exams remotely (online) without requiring travel.
That would be about USD$4300 together.

There are a few ISs that have partnered with various Uni to provide a Masters degree as part of the comp package. These are usually integrated into the workload with weekend seminars.
Many ISs will provide some form of PD as part of the comp package. Some ISs mandate what the PD opportunities are. Some ISs give you a fixed allowance you have to submit a proposal for and have approved. Some ISs dont have a formal PD allowance but will review for approval requests on a case by case bases. Its uncommon that an IS with such an structure will approve a Masters or credentialing program.
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Re: Future of teaching - only 2 real options

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I was expecting to read a topic about the future of our profession. Disappointing.
Good luck though!
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