Pending License

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Pending License

Post by spartan34 »

Hey guys,

So I have just had my Search profile activated and I am browsing schools. Just a few weeks ago I submitted my application for my teaching license (PRAXIS tests, teacher preparation course documents, etc. included). I should be receiving my License within the next 4-6 weeks.

I guess I am wondering what you guys think would be a better move for me:

-Start messaging schools and applying for positions while my license is pending
-Wait it out the next 4 weeks or so until I actually have the license in hand

This is my first recruiting season, so although I know any reputable school requires their teachers to be licensed, I am not exactly sure how schools will feel about me being one bureaucratic waiting game away from full licensure.

I know January is a crucial recruiting time for schools, and I don't want to miss out on applying. I guess I am worried I will sully my name by not being fully credentialed. My thought is schools that are going to be okay hiring someone who has just got their license will probably also be okay with someone who is just weeks away from getting their license.

Curious what people think.
Much appreciated.
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Re: Pending License

Post by sid »

Apply now and be clear that your license is pending. Put “(expected February 2022)” next to it in your CV. Explain in your personal statement or cover letter. And expect that any offer will be contingent on the state granting your license. I’d be happy to hire someone in your position (everything else matching, of course), but my country wouldn’t give you a visa if you didn’t receive the license.
Good luck.
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Post by PsyGuy »

Absolutely, start applying now. You are losing valuable time as you wait. Vacancies will be filled and application submission deadlines will close. Your instincts are completely accurate. An IS thats willing to consider an IT with as lite a resume as yours is not unlikely to care all that much whether youre credentialed or not.
Address the issue on your resume by adding "Pending" and the date (month/year is fine) you expect the credential to be issued along with listing the credential (minimize the pending as much as you are comfortable with. I wouldnt include it in your cover/intro letter, you dont want to bring to much attention to an issue that might increase the likelihood of a no. You can address the issue in more detail in the interview if you get to that stage. The reason being that recruiting has two systems components: screening and selection. During screening (the first stage) your application materials are getting reviewed by someone who may not actually be in leadership, and you dont want your application to be binned/rejected because of a technicality.
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