SA Feedback on References

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SA Feedback on References

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I've had such a minimal response this recruiting season that I'm starting to wonder if current school has panned me on references. I contacted my SA associate and asked not about specific references, which I understand are confidential, but that if my references supported an application. I don't think that is an unreasonable request but I've had no reply.

Generally, does SA renew your account with bad references? For all I know, I could be applying for job after job with references that wouldn't even get me an initial interview.
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Re: SA Feedback on References

Post by sciteach »

Is your associate based in the United States?

If yes - then I've heard many complaints about many of the US based associates who don't really do much.

What do you teach?

For my area of expertise (Science/Chem/Math) there has been more than the last couple of years - but I've also heard that this year has been a difficult one for some areas due to the influx of teachers from China, reduced numbers at many international schools along with the rigidity of government mandates related to Covid (thus more people than normal wanting to move).
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Its up to the associate. Some associates will keep less marketable candidates on their files, since they get the same fee regardless of the IS appointment. Dont be surprised though if in time your associate drops you at some point.
If your associate isnt communicating with you that should definitely tell you something, even a "I cant discuss that" is perfectly appropriate. SAs associates though vary greatly in their quality. Many of them dont do very much for their candidates.

You can test this though. Simply create an email account and rewrite your resume with a new name and changing some of the names on your resume and then put that resume out there and see if the resume alone garners a better response rate and if it does, than you know theres something wrong with your references.
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