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Re: New to The Game...

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sid wrote:
> [quote=shopaholic post_id=62596 time=1641905427 user_id=219184]
> What do you recruiters think of a 5-6-2-2?
> My past two schools have been disasters where I was very unhappy. But I do
> have the longer commitments at my first two schools and am looking for
> somewhere else I can stay longterm. Does having more recent 2-2 experience
> cancel out the earlier longer stays?
> [/quote]
> I'd look for the bigger picture, the story. (Which I do anyway, even for a
> 2-2-2-2. In my career so far, I've only found one 2-2-2-2 worth taking a
> chance on, but one never knows when another could appear.)
> Your earlier commitments demonstrate that you have it in you to commit, or
> at least that you once did. That's a good start. So I'd want to know about
> the 2-2, and if those were just bad fits or another reasonable explanation,
> and you seem keen to find another longer stay, it would be fine.
> One caution - we regularly see people with early-career longer commitments
> in their home country, before moving overseas. If those domestic
> commitments are followed by a 2-2 internationally, they don't count for as
> much. It's important for you to show that you can commit in the very
> different international arena.

Thanks, Sid. The two longer commitments were both international posts, one in a “hardship” country. I have two years in my home country before that.

This recruitment season is so stressful. I hope I have a chance at something that isn’t in China.
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Re: New to The Game...

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secondplace wrote:
> I would about those 2s and ask what it is you're looking for.
> I'm 5-10-2-5 (so far), and more than happy to talk about the 2 and what it
> means for me.

I'm 3-1-9, and no one asks me about the 1 anymore. After a certain amount of time, it seems like no one questions your ability to stay put.
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Re: New to The Game...

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[quote=Bioguy21 post_id=62602 time=1641989336 user_id=262547]

I'm 3-1-9, and no one asks me about the 1 anymore. After a certain amount of time, it seems like no one questions your ability to stay put.

Absolutely true.
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Re: New to The Game...

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I would second (place) that...
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I concur with @Sid that DE thats part of an Entry class/ECTs first early career tends to not mean as much in general as IE experience. Its accounted for in the PASS.


Who is we? Do you rep some collection of leaders or recruiters? Is we you and @Sid and some cheerleaders?

No those ITs dont stay,they move on and up, just not with some leader fearmongering some bunk myth you have to do more than your contract or doom and gloom will settle on the IT.

Not all, not even most ITs prioritize students. Coin is MUCH more important to an IT than students. There are FAR FAR fewer ITs working for free for the sake of the kids than the other way around.

Giving them your fearmongering speech how leaders would like IE to work, not how it actually does, thats fearmongering.

If you complete your contract and have a strong and positive reference you will be marketable regardless of staying 2 or 3 years (or 4 years for that matter).


Everyone pretty much gets a COVID pass regardless of the reason or specific context.
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