British Columbia Criminal Record Check

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British Columbia Criminal Record Check

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We are returning to British Columbia probably to retire or take on other types of jobs. However, we don't want to slam the door shut on teaching. I have been reading that teachers in BC are now required to have a criminal records check every 5 years and we haven't been teaching in BC for 16 years, so if we did go back into the BC system we would need one. My question is, does anyone know how they would treat the past 16 years? I don't see any mention of out of Canada records being required, not because we have a record but because we are debating on getting one from the country we're currently in, though it is clearly identified as a noncriminal record check. In the end I realize its probably a small cost to pay to get one, but I am curious.
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Re: British Columbia Criminal Record Check

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You should have criminal record checks for the last 5-10 years minimum, plus then get your Canadian record check. I have mine for the past 12 years prior to my latest job, and will get one from here before leaving. I would get them for sure - they are now required by Search for upload anyways, so it is a good idea.
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Re: British Columbia Criminal Record Check

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I think it's always essential to get a police check from a country that you leave.

Schools should be requiring these anyway, but always get one as you leave.
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Compared to the work of getting one when youre not in country its very likely easier to get one before you leave. BC probably isnt going to care very much outside of the CAN CRB.
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