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I was informed last week by my school in Shanghai-Lingang that nothing could be done currently to apply for the work visa. The Education Bureau is closed and the Chinese consulate where I am is closed as well. Until they get the PU letter, it's just a waiting game. The consulate has not received any directives and they have not been processing any work visas before January 13th. The possibility of waiting up to June is likely, I am told. Should I be worried or have plan B? I have signed a contract with the school and wonder if there will be repercussions if I do decide to pull out before August. It's something I am not comfortable doing it but I will if I have to. Meanwhile, I was approached by billionaire parents based in Dubai regarding homeschooling their 3 children who attend ASD. It's only for a few months till end of this school year but if things work out, this could turn into a long term position. I thought I could do a few months in Dubai and if China does not work out, then it'll be a good option to have. If China does work out, then proceed as planned or renegotiate with the family regarding the package if I end up really enjoying the stint in Dubai. While the parents have not discussed a monthly salary as yet, they have offered to cover for flight, visa, medical, and provide furnished accommodation. They have also offered to fly me in for a week to meet the kids and see the current set-up and determine if it's a good fit. Too early to bail out of China? How much should I expect as a reasonable salary for homeschooling? Questions..questions...would love to hear other perspectives on my situation. Thank you.

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Re: Visa

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I guessed I am in the same situation as you. Signed the contract for teaching post in China but the Chinese Embassy is closed until further notice at where I am, so not sure when can I start initiating the visa application. It is a waiting game until Aug where I am expected to commence work.
Meanwhile, I hav to think of a Plan B just in case the visa application fails. I hope the school in China will understand our difficult situation.

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Re: Visa

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I was hired by a school in China for this year, but was unable to get a visa in my country of residence. I even had the PU letter but they would not process it. By the time October rolled around I saw the writing on the wall and asked to be released from my contract so I still had time to search for a job for the 2021-22 school year. Luckily I was able to find a job at a great school outside of China, but I still lost out on most of my income for 2020-21. I think most staff at the school were able to make it in, but it is still a crapshoot. If you are not in China currently, I would be very hesitant at accepting a position from abroad. In addition, I hear the situation for dependents is even worse with some teachers being separated from their families since the beginning of the year.

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You should have a plan B AND a plan C, once you have your plan B in your pocket, your plan C becomes your plan B and you look for a new plan C. You dodnt have to bail on China you can keep both China in your pocket and pursue the private tutoring offer.

There could be some complications, mostly they depend if youre repped by a premium agency (such as SA). Youre contract isnt going to mean anything. The IS will claim pandemic they cant do anything, and they will cancel your contract leaving you nothing and youre agency isnt going to do anything for you except maybe reactivate your profile and let you look, though they may rub salt in the wound by requiring you to pay the placement fee for the IS that dropped you.

You need to have a discussion and a contract that clearly states all compensation including salary. Ask how much they were thinking to pay, look shocked and then triple it. Negotiate from there, settle on double.

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