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Search Shanghai Fair

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Hi All,

A few days ago I received an email stating that positions were still available for the Shanghai Virtual fair and it suggested that candidate numbers were down compared to normal (roughly 150 candidates for 60 schools). Do people think that the visa situation, politics or reservations of moving overseas is the main reason for this?

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Re: Search Shanghai Fair

Post by marieh »

Mostly the former. China is having issues getting teachers and dependents in. If you're single or part of a teaching couple, I can *sort of* see taking the risk, but I don't know why anyone with children would apply for jobs there right now.

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Re: Search Shanghai Fair

Post by expatscot »

Agree with marieh. It's actually a good time to be a teacher in China moving to another school in China, but for people coming in it is going to be difficult. Anecdotally, I know of schools here who are simply not considering applications where there is a dependant, be that a trailing spouse and/or kids, because there's no guarantee they will get the kids in and the risk of someone backing out is too high.

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Its a combination of all three of them and the past experience by many that virtual fairs are under whelming and a waste of time.

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