Charterhouse Asia

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Charterhouse Asia

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Anyone has any reviews on Charterhouse branding of schools ? It's a famed college in UK and now expanding to Asia.

They are heavily recruiting recently so I am curious and pretty keen.

ISR has non reviews on them so far

YOU ARE WELCOME TO ASK REVIEW TYPE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS SCHOOL ON THE MEMBER FORUM FOUND IN THE MEMBER AREA OF THE SITE. We clearly ask that you do not USE this forum to review schools or solicit review type information. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Re: Charterhouse Asia

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Expanding, or franchising?
Too many schools have licensed others to use their names. The franchises end up with completely separate operations, leaders, policies, curriculum, students.... Can one really replicate a long-standing, well-financed school for mother tongue English speakers of predominantly one nationality, in another country and with little money, predominantly English language learners with a very different range of nationalities for teachers and students?