Coup in Myanmar

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Coup in Myanmar

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What is happening to the teachers and international schools there?

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Re: Coup in Myanmar

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According to an admin friend, things haven't changed much for schools overnight. There is police presence on the streets and due to prevailing uncertainty, there is some rush at the grocery shops and supermarkets. It's a wait and watch game for the next 12 months. If sanctions are imposed and you're relocating, you should be asking more questions about making wire transfers abroad.

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Re: Coup in Myanmar

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The coup was just a formality I think. Did anyone seriously believe the army wasn't calling all the shots? Myanmar had a "democracy" about as solid as Thailand's...

Agree with above, the only issue would be if it suddenly became impossible to get money out.

Wouldn't mind going to work at ISY at some point.

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Concur with previous contributors. For expats and ISs it wasnt much of a change.

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