Qatar contract advise

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Qatar contract advise

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I have been offered a job in Doha to start asap. I have an offer letter with details about the package to last until the end of June as I didn't want to sign a longer one currently. I asked the school if they could send me a contract before and they said that the contract will be processed in Qatar and it will cover the same as the offer letter. The offer letter is subject to references and paperwork etc. I am supposed to get 6 documents attested including uni certificates, transcript and letter from my undergrad and pgce. I dont have a transcript or letter from my pgce and am unable to get it due to them being closed, they're not processing these during lockdown. So I cant start the attesting process without all 6. I've informed my school but they aren't making me feel confident with this issue not being ready and have said to be ready to fly next week. Is it normal for a contract to be processed in country and not be seen before? Or is it dodgy? What could happen if the documents can't get attested for months in terms of my visa and role in Qatar?

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Re: Qatar contract advise

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That sounds dodgy. Did you look at the reviews for this school on the paid side of the site? If not, I would suggest you do....

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Its not at all normal to not have at the very least a draft contract and given the behavior so far youd be wise to want a fully signed and executed contract. Thats really dodgy

You could find yourself working for nothing and working illegally which your IS could use against you.

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