Pastoral Care in Schools

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Pastoral Care in Schools

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Would like to ask what peoples experiences so far in Pastoral Care in their schools are and what they may consists of. Have things changed since C19.
Have schools changed there lock down policies and what other things are your schools doing, are you doing a yearly child protection vetting etc.

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Post by PsyGuy »

Less F2F meetings with students, more digital and virtual case management. More announcements on the importance of hand washing and distancing. More transparency keeping students and parents updated. Getting kids to wear masks not really an issue, keeping them apart more so.
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Re: Pastoral Care in Schools

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I envy those in pastoral care who get to work from home - that's the life and it's completely doable if not preferable to the way it once was. I pity those who work in pastoral care in person right now. Too close for comfort for my taste.
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