Call for justice! Need your advice!

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Call for justice! Need your advice!

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Hi everyone,

I would like to share one very unfair experience and would like to have your advice!

I had my first teacher evaluation in Feb.2010 by the department head. I passed.

In June’s evaluation, she failed me. But she did not tell me those problems on her report before.

In Sep. she told me to improve my slides in order to pass the evaluation in Dec. But she did not mention those problems on her last report. Then she came to observe my class over 8 times. But no feedback. So, I asked her in Dec. She said my slides had improved and I was basically ok to pass. However, a couple of weeks later, she made another report to fail me. Again, she did not mention those problems before and those problems are different than the problems on her last report. After meeting her, I drafted a meeting minute including all her expectations and sent to her to confirm with her. But no reply. I also suggested her to give me observation report after each observation with video. But no reply. I talked to the principal about how unfair this is. But he trusted in her and did not listen to me. After meeting her, I asked her why. She told me it is the administrators who do not like me. She also told other teachers that she wanted to keep me, but not the administrators. She denied what she said about I was basically ok to pass. She also asked me to start to look for a job. They decided the next evaluation is in Feb. Then school closed and we began to teach online.

In this Feb. I got a letter from the principal saying he will renew my contract within 5 days although some reservations. But I did not receive the contract in two weeks. I emailed him and one week later he replied and said he would not renew the contract due to the concerns reported by the department about my online teaching again and again. He said I can discuss with him. I emailed him and asked what the concerns are. He said the department head provided evidence but he did not want to talk about the concerns and the evidence because I always defended and asked for more details before. He said the decision had been made. All his emails are titled as “confidential”.

I do not have complaints from parents or students. Many "problems" of my work on her report is not fair.

I have some questions:

1. How do I know what the department head reported to the principal with what evidence. I think she might lie to him or hide some pictures, so the principal was misled. But if they do not tell me the evidence, how can I disclose the lie.
2. Why does the principal have his emails as confidential? What does that mean? I cannot share it with other? What if I do? If I ask the department head what her concerns on my online teaching, does that mean I do not keep the principal’s email as confidential?
3. If my online teaching is bad, why they do not tell me where is bad so that I can change and kids can learn better?
4. How do I ask for a online meeting with the principal? It seems he does not want to talk again although at beginning he said I can discuss with him about his letter of rejection.
5. It is so late to find a job now because they changed their decision. And he did not mention he would give me a reference letter. How do I ask for a good reference letter from the principal.

Thank you so much for reading this long email through. I really appreciate your advice and input!

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Post by PsyGuy »

Usually when leadership is hitting an ITs classroom multiple times in succession (like 8) its because the IS is building a case for dismissal or non-renewal.

In reply to your inquiries:

1) You dont know but it doesnt matter they just dont want you there anymore. There isnt anything to show, theres some kind of conflict between you and the IS and they are confident they can replace you. Even if you had a smoking gun of evidence showing maleficence it wouldnt matter youre just not fitting in for whatever reason.

2) Marking something confidential means nothing, they are dismissing/non-renewing you, you can do whatever you want with the emails. Theres nothing the IS can really do, youre not going to be working there, they cant dismiss you twice or double dismiss you. What exactly would you do with them though?

3) Because they dont want you there, they dont want you to improve because youre not staying.

4) Just email the leader for a Skype, FaceTime or Hangouts meeting, he doesnt want to argue with you about keeping your job. The only issues that are open to discussion are your severance and separation issues.

5) Thats what the meetings going to be about. Youre going to want things like a reference, and some coin, and comp and the IS is going to want to give you the least.

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