Interview requests before receiving your license

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Interview requests before receiving your license

Post by Maggers »

Hi all,

I am in the process of receiving my teaching license in Canada (Ontario). I will have that in hand by the end of May. My question is, has anyone here received an interview invite before having their license in hand?

I taught ESL in South Korea for 4 years. I returned to Canada to get my teaching license. I am in my last semester and the finish line is in sight. I've applied to a bunch of schools in Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia). I know my chances are super, super low. (probably minuscule).

I do have a fall back. I know of a school that has a history of hiring teachers in my situation. But that school is my fall back. My resume and my cover letter are strong. I will apply to my fall back school after February, but I'm just looking for some insight.


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Re: Interview requests before receiving your license

Post by vandsmith »

hi there,

my wife and i had a similar path to yours, teaching in south korea pre-cert for several years before getting our teaching degrees.
we attended the queens fair, which was before we received our BEd. we had a bunch of interviews, even while being a bit intentional with the schools we were interested in.
it doesn't hurt to apply. that being said, temper your expectations - your "fall-back" school might be your best bet to gain expereince. we were hired without the usual "2 years international experience" due to us having been in the classroom before (even if it was pre-cert).

anyways, long story short - yes, it does happen, and in the places you have applied to.

good luck!


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Re: Interview requests before receiving your license

Post by Smoko »

I was in a similar situation to you and had no issues getting interviews at lower tier schools in South East Asia. As long as you taper your expectations and don't expect the top jobs (which it sounds like you have) then you have a decent shot.

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Post by PsyGuy »

I concur with the previous contributors your opportunities arent as low as you believe. The rule is there is a job for anyone if you will take anything. As long as your expectations are relatively low and your relatively flexible finding options among something is doable.
I would write your resume as if you had the credential and include notation of its expected date of completion.
SA has an intern fair (BOS) which you could register for if you want to spend the coin otherwise fairs like trinity, queens, UNI and AASSA are all reasonable.

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