Job search strategy for European Schools

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Job search strategy for European Schools

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We are an experienced IS teaching couple looking for a school in Europe. Any suggestions on the best fair to attend or would we be better off without the fair and simply applying directly?

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Re: Job search strategy for European Schools

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Both. Plan for a London fair (Search, CIS, or both), but you should still apply on your own, both to schools that are not on those platforms and to schools that are.

The strategy is the same as for any other region, really, with one exception. The timeline is somewhat skewed. Worker protections mean staff can announce they are leaving quite late, so many positions listed as tentative are contingent on the current occupant finding a job and making the vacancy definite. This might happen quite late in the process. If you are lucky this will be the case directly at the fair. Jobs can also open up relatively late in the season as teachers decide in the spring to move back to their home countries or fill those later positions elsewhere in the world. I had a colleague who had originally planned to stay but then in March got an opportunity elsewhere that was fantastic for his situation. The school had not done any interviewing for the position up to that point because he had planned to stay (we were lucky to get someone good).

So apply normally, make London your target re: fairs, apply for tentative positions, and recognise the potential for an altered timeline.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Re: Job search strategy for European Schools

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When is the CIS London fair? I'm looking at their website and don't see it.

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Do you have EU passports?

If you do skip the agencies and the fairs youll find jobs in the spring. If you dont youd be better off just moving to the EU where you want to be such as over the summer and once you are there you will have access to vacancies that otherwise arent advertised on the circuit and which you can interview for in person. Otherwise a fair such as LON is really only going to have utility if you are a viable candidate for an elite/tier 1 IS.

Agree with @Thames Pirate that the recruitment timeline is shifted later in the year due to labor and employment regulations and rules, you see the EU peak in Spring.

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