Manila - BSM and ISM - recruitment

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Manila - BSM and ISM - recruitment

Post by Adam1985 »

Hello, does anyone know when either of these schools do their main recruitment drives? Have I missed the boat for a August/Sept 2020 start? I'm an English teacher with previous IS experience, but am currently in the UK. Thanks.

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Re: Manila - BSM and ISM - recruitment

Post by shadowjack »

Happening now. Did you check the websites? Are you registered with SEARCH? Free for UK candidates and the data base is great. For BSM look on and maybe CIS?

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Post by PsyGuy »

Were finishing up early recruiting but peak recruiting is in Early January to Early February, you still have time, especially if you arent registering with a premium agency.

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Re: Manila - BSM and ISM - recruitment

Post by Nexttrip »

IS Manila was actively recruiting at the Dubai GRC Fair. Not sure if they have filled all of their positions- look on their website or Search to confirm.

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