A contract with a car?

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A contract with a car?

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I started dating someone last school year at my school who is currently interviewing for principal positions. He has had a few interviews and I was shocked when he told me a couple of the packages came with cars! But he was completely unfazed by this. Is a car typical for certain positions? Are there certain regions where it's more likely than others? I really want him to be interested in European jobs, but do any of those come with cars?! Or if I stay with him am I going to have to settle for a nice contract, a car, and a view of an African slum?

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Re: A contract with a car?

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Depends on the location. SE Asia and E.Europe do offer private transportation, sometimes with a driver and fuel allowance. What matters is the paycheck. If they pay you well, you can afford your own Audi or Tesla. Principal salaries in W.Europe aren't that great and he may not even get a housing allowance, let alone a car. BTW, some African countries are cleaner than US ghettos.

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Re: A contract with a car?

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Heck ask your admin about their year end bonuses.... They don't tell that to us peon teachers!!

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Re: A contract with a car?

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My current school provides a car to principals and upper admin.

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Re: A contract with a car?

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My previous school gave a car to the principal - got a lift in it once and let's just say he'd adapted his driving to match the locals! Current school offers a driver to the principal instead.

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Its not uncommon for executive/HOS leadership to have some form of travel accommodation either a vehicle, use of a vehicle or a vehicle and driver. Its less common in the EUR (especially the WE).

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Re: A contract with a car?

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Only stay with him if he's Alpha.

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